Poster for the watch  movie "Doubt"


Sister Alosius, stern school Director and an ardent defender of monastic traditions, faces the choice of her life: either it will show your fear and openly accuse the priest that he insulted African-American student, or it will conceal your suspicions and doubts. Especially when the possible insult may be hiding something more serious. It is a deep, personal struggle between sister Alosius and father Flynn in the end develops into a matter of faith and […]

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Two Brothers

The story of two tiger cubs separated people, and after many years turned into fighting tigers, trained to fight and kill. Cruel owner brings them together in the arena…

Poster for the watch  movie "Crumb"


A documentary about the author of underground comics Robert Crambe, whose work included obsessive sexual ideas, social criticism and personal observation of the oddities of human psychology.

Poster for the watch  movie "The Outsiders"

The Outsiders

A small town in Oklahoma, 60-ies. In the eternal conflict against each other teen bands, separated by property lines.

Poster for the watch  movie "Raging Bull"

Raging Bull

Jake Lamotte, nicknamed Bronski Bull — boxer. And all of his psychological and sexual complexes violently erupt in the Boxing ring. Under the hot hand comes across to him a brother, a victim of obsessive paranoia and jealousy of Jake, and fifteen-year-old girl who was destined to become the most important award Jake… and pursuing his obsession.

Poster for the watch  movie "Slacker"


Plotless film about a day in the life of Bohemians, slackers in the city of Austin, Texas. For a half hour before us we see the freak show characters, and none of them camera is not delayed more than 3 minutes: dreamy traveler, a person who is obsessed with UFOs, conspiracy-lover, an elderly anarchist, offering friendship to the robber in his own house, collector of old television sets, and whether the strange girl, or a […]

Poster for the watch  movie "Missing"


A young American journalist Charlie mysteriously disappears during a military coup in Chile. His father, ed Hormen and wife go out to look.

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K-19: The Widowmaker

The film is based on real events that have occurred since the first Soviet nuclear submarine, which crashed due to a failure in a nuclear reactor in 1961. K-19 is visible evidence of the heroism of Russian sailors who served on this submarine.

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The action takes place in the 18th century. Sexy, shocking tale of the infamous Marquis de Sade, about how his provocative work has turned the fate of many people. A Catholic priest involved in a depraved and dangerous world of the Marquis, as they both vie for the love of a beautiful young woman.

Poster for the watch  movie "Pitch Perfect"

Pitch Perfect

A story about a student who suddenly discovered his passion for singing a Cappella, that is, without musical accompaniment.