Poster for the watch  movie "Sweet November"

Sweet November

It was probably one of the few movies I watched without first reading the description or any information. And I do not regret about it. Secure man with a gorgeous apartment, excellent work. But in the first frame is noticeable selfishness… At least in relation to my girlfriend. He’s a climber. He puts work above all else in my life. He tries to reach the heights and success. Suddenly in the frame appears she. A […]

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Norma Rae

Norma RAE — usual sprightly aunt from South USA, having a bunch of kids from different fathers, but with no husband, and working for pennies in a textile factory from morning to night. But she has all the makings of an activist in the struggle for workers ‘ rights, although her constant clashes with superiors about intolerable working conditions and low wages do not bring any results. But all of a sudden in a factory […]

Poster for the watch  movie "French Kiss"

French Kiss

As a rule, European per day kissing about nine times. Kiss, whether he is innocent or almost hot, from which dizzy, can tell you a lot. Romantic Comedy writer-Director Lawrence Kasdan based on a script by Adam Brooks with Meg Ryan romantic and intellectual Kevin Kline starring random passers-by: the history teacher Kate, who hates the French and is afraid to fly and smoky snapper-smuggler Luke Tessie, leisure is deeply interested in the breeding of […]

Poster for the watch  movie "Awake"


This film aroused in me a storm of emotions! Of course, when I read the title of the film, I thought that there will be a story about what a person feels in the state of internalcode. But when I saw the movie was shocked. First- feelings of the hero during the surgery. He suddenly learns the truth about the man I loved and could not understand how this man could do to do that? […]

Poster for the watch  movie "Ken Park"

Ken Park

After seeing this film, having only one desire — to go to long long shower and scrub yourself with a loofah to wash off the dirt on the viewer poured a Director. Of course this film is not a lot, but in recent years it has become fashionable to remove it. As in the scenes of the theatre more often, we demonstrate the dirt and filth and if earlier it served as the only means […]

Poster for the watch  movie "Doubt"


Sister Alosius, stern school Director and an ardent defender of monastic traditions, faces the choice of her life: either it will show your fear and openly accuse the priest that he insulted African-American student, or it will conceal your suspicions and doubts. Especially when the possible insult may be hiding something more serious. It is a deep, personal struggle between sister Alosius and father Flynn in the end develops into a matter of faith and […]

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Two Brothers

The story of two tiger cubs separated people, and after many years turned into fighting tigers, trained to fight and kill. Cruel owner brings them together in the arena…

Poster for the watch  movie "Crumb"


A documentary about the author of underground comics Robert Crambe, whose work included obsessive sexual ideas, social criticism and personal observation of the oddities of human psychology.

Poster for the watch  movie "The Outsiders"

The Outsiders

A small town in Oklahoma, 60-ies. In the eternal conflict against each other teen bands, separated by property lines.

Poster for the watch  movie "Raging Bull"

Raging Bull

Jake Lamotte, nicknamed Bronski Bull — boxer. And all of his psychological and sexual complexes violently erupt in the Boxing ring. Under the hot hand comes across to him a brother, a victim of obsessive paranoia and jealousy of Jake, and fifteen-year-old girl who was destined to become the most important award Jake… and pursuing his obsession.