Poster for the movie "Witness"


Nine-year-old boy witnesses the brutal murder: right before his eyes in the toilet Philadelphia station two people mercilessly slaughtered young man. It turns out that the dead man was a secret agent of the Department for fight against drugs. Now the boy is the only witness who can help detective John Beech to find criminals. The faces of the murderers forever imbedded in children’s memory. And the boy saw them again when it was brought […]

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Life Is Sweet

North London living happily ordinary family: Wendy, Andy, and their grown daughters-twins, Natalie and Nicola. Mother Wendy works as a clerk in a store, leading aerobics classes at the school, agrees to work instead girlfriend is a waitress and has time to joke, like a vaudeville actress. In addition, she adores daddy Andy, with his head submerged in impossible projects, preventing him from focusing on the career of the chef. In particular, they are a […]

Poster for the movie "Three Men and a Baby"

Three Men and a Baby

The lives of the three successful friends long gone down in the ordinary way. But one morning an event occurs, which can appear only in a nightmare: they find on their doorstep six-month baby. From this point in their luxurious apartment, everything has turned upside down: friends vainly trying to cope with a small element and offer each other a thousand dollars to change the baby’s diaper. But soon they find something that cannot be […]

Poster for the movie "The Queen"

The Queen

Contractive behind-the-scenes relationships of Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Tony Blair, developing on the background of the numerous problems that have arisen in connection with the tragic death of Princess Diana. August 1997. The darling of the United Kingdom Princess Diana died in a car accident. Queen Elizabeth II, despite all expectations of the British society, secluded in the Balmoral castle, where he tries to realize the full extent overtaken the UK loss. However, […]

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Body of Lies

The CIA is hunting on the head of the series of terrorist attacks. Roger Ferris is the agent of national intelligence, he moves around the world, trying to prevent any unwanted events. Eye in the sky, satellite, watching him. On the other end of this connection, the veteran CIA ed Hoffman, which tracks events from afar. The closer the selected Ferris to his goal, the more distinctly understand that trust is both dangerous thing, and […]

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My Week with Marilyn

Incredible, sexy and legendary Marilyn Monroe is sent to England to shoot a new film. It fascinates and captivates everyone, including young assistant Director Colin. But what feels herself Marilyn? Can she fall in love with inexperienced young man? And what is it like to be Marilyn Monroe?

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The Last Temptation of Christ

The story of the son of man is seen through a chain of temptations, traps, forks. It moves ecstatic fear, and watch it with a heavy heart, because it’s the Thriller of faith. Scorsese depicts the followers of Jesus completely earth. They wanted a revolution, and He took the Crucifix went to the cross and cast their hopes for an earthly Kingdom in the dust, and likened their earthly existence to the dust. But subsequent […]

Poster for the movie "Step Up"

Step Up

Tyler Gage is a street dancer. Crazy and risky life style causes it to conflict with society. After another incident, Tyler enters the school, which will be forced to work the penalty of correctional labor. There he meets a girl who opens his eyes to his talent and the world around him

Poster for the movie "Cool Runnings"

Cool Runnings

Four athletes from Jamaica dream no more, no less – about the Olympics. With no matter what sport to play. Why not bobsleigh!? Why not just make the way to the cherished dream. Even this way the ice, and have to rush in a strange projectile.

Poster for the movie "The Road"

The Road

Fell to the Ground monstrous disasters, civilization destroyed, and almost all life on the planet. The remaining mankind divided into cannibals and their prey. On the road, covered with ashes, are father and son. They want to go to warm places in order to survive…