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Elite Squad

In 1997, before the visit of the Pope to Rio de Janeiro, captain Nascimento from FOSS (the Battalion of special police operations) is assigned to eliminate the danger posed by drug traffickers operating in dangerous slums near the residence of the Pope. Captain Nascimento is looking for someone that can replace him, as the captain’s wife is pregnant and he is going to leave FOSS and become a mentor recruits.

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The Other Guys

New York detectives Allen gamble and Terry Hoitz police are accounting. You’ve seen them, this work is a joy, Hoitsu – punishment. When the companions will have the chance to emerge from the shadows to come to the aid of their idols, detectives Danson and Manzetti – it will become clear that in accounting Gamble and Hoitsu banished for good reason…

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Seventh Son

The film will be about a guy who, as it happens, was the seventh son of the seventh son. And only such a person can become a witch. But it’s not enough to call themselves so you need to go through a lot of training and study hard. After all, the main weapon of the Witcher is his mind. Though people don’t like them, but someone has to kill the evil spirits, to keep the […]

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Through the fire and vodka three buddies in a hurry to the party of the year after parting with virginity. How to Board the pretty classmate, to undermine the police car and stay alive?..

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The Thirteenth Floor

On the thirteenth floor computer Corporation has developed a perfect model of virtual reality, which led to a chain of mysterious murders. To unravel the mystery can only be immersed in another dimension, where can be the answer to many questions, and can be terrible unreality…

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Crank: High Voltage

He died, but promised to return! Not a miracle but thanks to modern medical technologies chev Chelios gets a new heart and a new chance to take revenge on their enemies. Now for constant recharging it requires an electrical discharge capacity not less than that of a car battery.

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Edward and Connie Sumner can be the envy along with eight-year-old son, a dog and a housekeeper, they enjoy life in a quiet suburb of new York city. But fate, in the guise of a young man with whom Connie faces in SOHO, strikes according to this embodiment of the “American dream” and happy, although a little monotonous existence spouse.

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Once in Tokyo, people began to disappear. First lost young man, who developed a unique computer program, through which communication between people was facilitated very much. His friends searched for him for several days, until one of his friends came to his house, found on the wall the shadow of a guy in a jiffy melted like smoke, leaving traces of some unknown substance.

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The Stoning of Soraya M.

In a journalist working in Iran, the machine breaks down, he asks for help in a local village. But help is needed not to him alone. Here he meets a woman named Zahra, who wants to tell about her niece, Soraya, and the bloody circumstances of her death yesterday in hopes to expose the brutal Sharia law. Her last and only hope for justice – the journalist who should leave with a story to tell […]

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Secondhand Lions

The last thing I wanted pictures of the young hero, named Walter, it is “stuck” on all summer holidays on the farm with their relatives. In addition, the owners of the farm, two elderly uncle of the boy, Garth and Hub, were old men, “Hello”. For example, they are absolutely in the order of things to order in the mail… what African lion! At first Walter was shocked by the strangeness of their relatives, but […]