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The Descendants

The main character – a wealthy Hawaiian landowner. He, along with two daughters attempts to find his wife’s lover, believing that in this way will save the family home.

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The Ghost and the Darkness

1898. London. Young Builder Colonel John Patterson receives an urgent task to build a bridge across the river in Tsavo African province. My whole life I dreamed of traveling to Africa, Patterson, leaving his pregnant wife, hastens to the place of work. On the site it is expected an army of workers.

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Soweto – a poor suburb of Johannesburg, the only purpose for the inhabitants to survive at any cost. Tsotsi is a young ruthless leader of a street gang. Having stolen the car after a drunken party, he finds himself alone with happened to be in the back seat baby. Since that time he has begins an internal struggle between cruelty and love…

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A notorious ladies ‘ man Alex picks to pair with sister amusing business: it splits undesirable for customers romantic unions. The case goes like clockwork, until Alex does not come across really complicated order – it is entrusted to separate a truly perfect couple.

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The Thief Lord

After the death of his mother, two brothers Bowe and Pop run away from his evil aunt who wants to separate them, to Venice – a city that loved their late mother.

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Enough to make just one step to cross the fragile line between life and death. A group of medical students selected for their research forbidden and dangerous area. Future doctors decided to penetrate the mystery of the nothingness that comes after the heart stops. One by one, students are immersed in a state of clinical death, going on an unpredictable journey through the other side of life. The research results were so unexpected, that has […]

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Free to Play

The film is about three professional players from different countries competing for one million dollars in the first international tournament Dota 2. Over the past few years the popularity of eSports has grown so much that now it is one of the most common types of competitions. A tournament with a prize Fund of one million dollars has turned the world of gaming and eSports forever changed the prospects for the best players. In this […]

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13 Assassins

The tape is placed in the era of the shoguns, and the picture will tell about a secret mission of some 13 assassins to destroy the evil ruler, to perform which is not so easy, because the number of bodyguards that villain is ten times greater than the number of people attempting his life.

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The Chronicles of Riddick

The last five years, Riddick spent in hiding among the forgotten worlds on the outskirts of the galaxy, hiding from mercenaries, a price on his head. Now a fugitive was on the planet Helion, where he lives a progressive multicultural society, won by Lord Marshal, the fanatic who decided to enslave humanity Armada of soldiers, nekromongerov.

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13-year-old Briony has an excellent imagination and writing plays. She knows that her son Robbie’s maid in love with her older sister Cecilia and she meets him in return. But when her cousin Lola is the victim of a rapist, bryony confidently shows on Robbie – her imagination draws a picture of violence. Robbie is sent to prison, and Cecilia refuses to believe Briony, creating a terrible feud between the sisters. The film begins in […]